Founded in 2003 Sama is a R&D and Trade company specialized in electronics .

SAMA provides comprehensive range of products and services

About Us

SAMA, an acronym for ‘space, aviation, marine, army’, provides comprehensive range of products and services to domestic manufacturers.

Having channeled its international business endeavors to meeting companies’ expectations in receiving competitive procurement and marketing services, SAMA holds a promising future in the area of wholesale trade of a variety of products including tools, components, spare parts, equipment, systems and sub-systems.


In further detail, SAMA Inc. provides electronic systems, special task requirement, all sorts of security systems, protection systems and all sorts of intelligence equipments. Beside this we also provide spare parts, repair / overhaul services.
As being one of the leading Industries Company in Turkey, 
SAMA Inc. is also manufacturing some electronic equipment like Jamming Systems. Currently we are manufacturing all sorts of Jamming Systems such as VIP convoy jammer, static jammer for roads and buildings, backpack jammer, briefcase jammer and selective GSM jamming systems. Just to give an idea of our manufacturing capability of the Jammers, we can proudly say that comparing with our other competitors in this field, our Jamming systems are being used without any problems for more than 7 years in market.

SAMA Defense Systems has embraced quality, variety, reliability, innovation, diligence and perseverance as the fundamental characteristics of its business tradition and will remain loyal to these principles, which have made the company unique.
We developed our design and manufacturing operations to meet the needs for countering global threats. It is based on sophisticated jamming technologies developed by our expert engineers. It is a tremendous challenge to implement super high power super broadband transmissions, together with the need to jam narrowband high energy, hard to kill signals. 
Sama Inc. integrated state of the art broadband RF technology with outstanding power handling and cooling systems. We believe that our jammer is the most advanced solution available today.

Our jammer consists of a multi-channel jamming transmitter and unique software configured as a modular jamming system that allows the end-user to select protection against any threat. Delivering powerful jamming signals through a matching array of broadband antennas, the bomb jammer installed in a vehicle creates a "secure circle" area around the jamming carrier vehicle, thereby preventing bomb detonation.
Our research and development activities regarding jamming systems and the above mentioned subjects are on-going, reflecting the determination and vision of 
SAMA Inc. to work in accordance with our home and foreign custumer's requirements and locations.